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Jim Henson Studios (formerly Chaplin Studios, and A&M Records)

The Jim Henson company are the residents of the former Charlie Chaplin Studios on North La Brea Avenue in Hollywood.
One large soundstage remains on the lot, along with a tremendously atmospheric campus of production offices, workshops, development spaces and an exterior courtyard.

The Henson Stage (formerly The Chaplin Stage) is 100′ x 75′ x 27′ high

More information

Tour of the Studio Lot by a former intern

Productions shot at Charlie Chaplin Studios

Feature Film (14)

The Muppets2011James BobinIMDB Database page about The Muppets
The actual Jim Henson Company studios feature as The Muppet Studios.
Chaplin1992Richard AttenboroughIMDB Database page about Chaplin
Exterior of studio and front gate is featured.
The Little Shop of Horrors1960Roger CormanIMDB Database page about The Little Shop of Horrors
Attack of the Giant Leeches1959Bernard L. KowalskiIMDB Database page about Attack of the Giant Leeches
Night of the Blood Beast1958Bernard L. KowalskiIMDB Database page about Night of the Blood Beast
Not as a Stranger1955Stanley KramerIMDB Database page about Not as a Stranger
Hollywood Story1951William CastleIMDB Database page about Hollywood Story
The Great Dictator1940Charles ChaplinIMDB Database page about The Great Dictator
City Lights1931Charles ChaplinIMDB Database page about City Lights
Circus, The1928Charles ChaplinIMDB Database page about Circus, The
The Gold Rush1925Charles ChaplinIMDB Database page about The Gold Rush
A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate1923Charles ChaplinIMDB Database page about A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate
The Pilgrim1923Charles ChaplinIMDB Database page about The Pilgrim
The Kid1921Charles ChaplinIMDB Database page about The Kid

Short Film (12)

Nice and Friendly1922Charles ChaplinIMDB Database page about Nice and Friendly
Pay Day 1922Charles ChaplinIMDB Database page about Pay Day
The Idle Class1921Charles ChaplinIMDB Database page about The Idle Class
Sunnyside1919Charles ChaplinIMDB Database page about Sunnyside
The Professor1919Charles ChaplinIMDB Database page about The Professor
A Dog's Life1918Charles Chaplin IMDB Database page about A Dog
Shoulder Arms1918Charles ChaplinIMDB Database page about Shoulder Arms
The Bond1918Charles ChaplinIMDB Database page about The Bond
Triple Trouble1918Charles Chaplin, Leo WhiteIMDB Database page about Triple Trouble
Easy Street1917Charles ChaplinIMDB Database page about Easy Street
Immigrant, The1917Charles ChaplinIMDB Database page about Immigrant, The
The Adventurer1917Charles ChaplinIMDB Database page about The Adventurer

TV Series (2)

Perry Mason1957-1966Erle Stanley GardnerIMDB Database page about Perry Mason
Adventures of Superman1952-1958[writers] Roy Chanslor, Jay Morton IMDB Database page about Adventures of Superman

Music Video (1)

We Are The World1984